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Weekend Services

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We understand that business never stops, even on weekends. To accommodate the needs of our clients and ensure continuous visibility, Sign Technology now offers a Weekend Sign program. This program allows businesses to display their signs and advertisements during weekends, reaching potential customers when they are most active.

We offer 18”x24” signs directing traffic to your site, 3’x4’ pole signs at critical intersections where a permanent sign is not possible, trailer signs along major traffic areas, human sign wavers to direct motorists, and blimps that locate your project from a vast distance.

  • Weekend Directional 18″x 24″ signs: These signs are made of plastic and mounted to a stake.  Their location is determined per a pre-designated route approved by the client.  We provide a map of your area and mark where the signs will be installed.  The signs are placed on either Friday night or Saturday morning and then removed on Sunday night.  The signs typically have your project name/logo, and then a bold arrow to direct prospects to your project.
  • Weekend Trailer & Billboard Signs: A weekend trailer is a mobile trailer that can be towed with a large sign that folds open and closed. The sign is typically put in place on Friday night or Saturday morning and then removed on Sunday night.  The advantage of a mobile billboard is it can be placed where a permanent sign may not be possible.  We own and manage the trailer while the client owns the advertising panels located on the trailer.  We obtain permission or lease from a landowner to park the trailer on their property during the weekend.
  • Weekend Pole Sign & A-Frame Signs: Pole signs and A-frames are placed on site Saturday morning and removed on Sunday night.  These types of signs are usually placed on a critical corner or intersection where a permanent sign is impossible for various reasons (i.e., pavement, local ordinances, insufficient space, etc.).  We may obtain landowner permission and pay a lease for the space or place the sign in a public right-of-way.  We with your local planning division to understand what signs are allowed or prohibited and convey that information to the client.  Pole signs and A-frames are normally an additional sign to an established off-site sign program and the client pays a weekly service fee to have the signs placed every weekend.
  • Inflatables- Blimps, balloons, & spheres – An inflatable sphere on a rope flying high to be seen from a long distance away. A large inflatable adds excitement and attraction to your project.  If you are located “off the beaten path” then a blimp may be the perfect means to get more traffic.  We can add a custom copy to the inflatable to convey a message and encourage a call to action.  The client picks the day(s) they want the inflatable to fly, and then we provide the service of raising and lowering the aerial.  The blimp is then stored on-site when not in service.
  • Human Billboards- Sign wavers & Spinners: Human billboards are a great addition to increase traffic at your business or project. Human sign wavers are placed at critical intersections or locations where traditional signs are not viable.  We work with your local municipalities to ensure we work in accordance with their human billboard policies.   Our folks wear a clean uniform and look professional as they waive their sign.  Human sign arrows are most popular on Saturday and Sunday but can be utilized any day that the client requests.

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