Our client, Astrid Mallein of JCM partners, had a beautiful existing apartment property in Stockton, CA.  Part of the re-brand and “refresh” to the existing complex was to replace the main monument ID sign.  The challenge was that the city recognized the property as historical and the sign’s original design needed to be captured in the replacement sign.  The existing monument did not line up with the current sign code would not allow for a new typical monument sign.   In the course of meeting with the city we had to consider vision triangle issues along with the historical issues of the current monument the city wanted to maintain.

Sign Technology worked with the city of Stockton planning department and found a solution with a new monument sign.  The existing monument sign had to be removed and the new monument sign was installed with new materials and a new lightweight upper portion that would allow the sign to be maintained easily for years to come with typical cleaning and paint.  This was a win-win situation for our client and the city of Stockton to have a new monument sign that kept the design that was originally done over 40 years ago with new lightweight materials and installation methods that would hold up great to the elements for years to come.